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Universal Radio & Data Communications Ltd.

“Tomorrow Technology for Todays Work Place”
We are a fully owned Irish owned company based in the Dublin and has over 25 years experience in the communications business, specializing in two–way radio systems and taxi dispatch systems. We also supply and install Vehicle Cameras, base stations and repeater system to increase your coverage. We stock a number of different types of walkie talkies depending on the environment they are used and conditions. We supply and maintain all the major brands which include Motorola, Entel, Icom, Kenwood, Hytera and Tait.
We are the leader in the field of providing communication solutions for the diverse requirements of the security, taxi, courier, transport, construction, multi-national, private and public organisations.
Our extensive range enables us to offer our clients a variety of products and services which include two-way radio sales & service, taxi installation, vehicle tracking and telephone systems.
Whether you require a completely new radio system or are just looking to upgrade your existing system we can give you a no-obligation free quotation.
Just give our professional sales team a call on 01-8665852

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